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Project Description

1 Day and 2 Day Courses

Our interactive, after school science programs are themed around particular areas of drone and robot technology and include such topics as flight, movement, film, photography, mechanics, and even virtual reality. Indian Academy of Drones has specifically designed these workshops to enhance the out of the classroom learning for students! During the school year is the perfect opportunity for our younger age groups to learn the many facets of drones, robotics, and the future of this budding industry. All of our programs have been designed to encourage teamwork, curiosity, critical thinking, courage, and creativity. Our spectacular demonstrations, hands-on activities, and real world discussions make learning about drones fun for kids! All skill levels are welcome. For standard 8 and above.

Drone After School and Enrichment Programs Include:

  • Real-world STEM application for kids
  • Sparking Imagination and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Flight tutorials and basic programming for kids
  • Introduction to drone photography and film for kids
  • Industry education and the future for kids
  • Understanding the capability of drones to create an entrepreneur’s mindset
  • Drone racing for kids
  • DIY (do it yourself) lessons and tutorials, so the fun lasts long after the summer for kids
  • No prior experience necessary. All skill levels are welcome.


  • Fly a drone
  • Assemble a drone
  • Career in drones – job/business
  • Drone Simulator
  • Completion certificate

1 Day Course

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2 Day Course

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