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Drones: The New Way of Tackling India’s Urban Planning Issue

Today with increasing urbanization, cities are facing extraordinary changes. Without proper infrastructure, we face disadvantageous problems of congestion, pollution and more. So, to praise the condition of urbanization, developers are experimenting with integrating UAS technology to improve things like energy efficiency, project progress monitoring, sewage design, utility establishment and detect illegal constructions, encroachments etc.. Urban development requires intense planning. Traditional methods and techniques commonly used in the process emphasize data collection, analysis, and tedious field work. The greatest challenges these industry professionals face is collecting decent on-site information and data. And as climate change and sustainability gradually empower cities to [...]

Drones: The New Way of Tackling India’s Urban Planning Issue2019-02-27T16:08:42+05:30

December 2018 Newsletter

The first issue of our newsletter is finally published online! Check the latest information about who we are and what we are doing with our latest projects completed by the team; get informed about the latest drone news and other updates regarding the drone training, drone pilots reviews, including upcoming batches that our drone training vertical Indian Academy of Drones are organizing! To download the December 2018 newsletter please click here Stay tuned for the next issue that is about to be published next month! Download

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The Future of Drones in the Power and Utilities Sector

Across India, drone technology is making a huge impact in the Power and Utility sector. The task of maintaining and inspecting high voltage transmission and distribution lines can be difficult, dangerous and costly. As a result, utilities are increasingly looking toward drones as a safe and effective tool to assist them in their maintenance operations. DroniTech is using drones to inspect and maintain power lines. Drones drastically cut the costs of power line inspections for utilities. They also improve safety, increase reliability and reduce response time across transmission and distribution systems. Accessing remote areas of high voltage power lines, either [...]

The Future of Drones in the Power and Utilities Sector2019-02-27T16:29:47+05:30

Drones, A Key Tech Innovation In Construction

India has the largest railway network in Asia. With the growing industrial development and population, the role of railways in transportation is going to be crucial for the coming years. UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) offer a great tool to capture the project visuals quickly and easily. The video collected using a UAV is up to date and provides oblique information about the site, unlike satellite imagery. The high-resolution videography and the accurately processed outputs help to capture & measure the actual status of the project without visiting physically to the site. The periodic data capture also helps to monitor the [...]

Drones, A Key Tech Innovation In Construction2019-02-27T16:40:11+05:30
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