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We offer a wide range of high quality UAV flying courses

Drones are the need of the hour, this industry is expanding rapidly and the time is now to step into this field and make use of its full potential. Keeping this in mind we at Drovation Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. have started Dronitech as a full services Drone/UAV company where we provide every end of the spectrum from flying training to services to manufacturing.

We train customers to fly UAVs safely via short courses. These courses mainly aim to integrate a standard operating procedure among our pilots, where safety is our utmost priority. We have trained over 700 pilots who are qualified to carry out different types of UAV missions. Students are given theoretical training in classrooms along with on-ground practical field flying experience. Students are also given hands-on training on a simulator and also build their own custom drones. We also have ex-military guest lecturers who give an in-depth lecture on military drones and various drone applications across sectors.


Indian Academy of Drones is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, research and developing quality UAV pilots capable of executing multiple application projects.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you become a smart, professional safe drone pilot. Our courses aim to integrate standard operating procedures among our pilots.

Our Methodology

Our students learn to fly on a simulator before moving on to a custom drone and then on to our professional DJI aircrafts.

Our Trainers

Our drone training Instructors are true aviators with extensive experience in drone technology who utilized professionally developed curriculum.

Our Trained Pilots

Drones are changing the world and we are using this technology to train our pilots across country by promoting safety comprehensive understanding of the equipment.


Join over 700+ students from Indian Academy of Drones