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Technology developments in the mining sector

The Importance of Drone Technology in the Mining and Metals Sector

With the rise in UAVs and artificial intelligence tools, the mining sector has slowly started to take advantage of these resources to help them improve operations and streamline operations for the better. Be it for efficiency, mapping or surveillance, companies in this sector are turning to drones for a number of reasons. Here are a [...]
drones for bridge inspection

Evaluating the use of drones for Bridge Inspection

Implementation of robotics has revolutionized the inspection of various infrastructure assessments such as bridges, towers, etc. There are various kinds of robotics systems utilized in bridge inspection but the drone is one of the unique systems which performs many life-risking jobs in a fraction of the time taken by the traditional non-robotics methods. Drones are [...]
drone maps

Several ways to Improve the Accuracy of your Drone Maps

The secret to creating accurate drone maps? Planning. Take the time to plan your drone flight and create more accurate maps. Advances in technology mean it’s now possible to create highly accurate drone maps. For operators looking to improve the accuracy of their maps even further, there are a number of steps that can take [...]
drone industry

Hire talent or get hired for drone industry job any time, anywhere

Drones/unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are becoming more and more popular by the day for both recreational and commercial purposes. Many people are realizing the great opportunity for drones to be used in many different commercial markets.  Droniwork is a platform that connects pilots with drone projects across India. With its cutting edge technology, Droniwork provides [...]
Drones are the future of every business

Drones are the future of every business

Drones are expected to become part of daily operations across industries as varied as insurance, agriculture, and journalism. Goldman Sachs report says that drone technologies will reach a total market size of $100 billion between 2020 and 2025. BCG estimates the industrial drone fleet in Europe and the US to be $50 billion by 2050 [...]
thermal imaging with drones

Drones are changing the future of Search & Rescue operations

Drones are becoming the most widely used tool for many industries and used to support public safety and first responder community. Drones offer low-cost, easy to operate, and analytically sophisticated remote sensing solutions in search-and-rescue operations. From Police, Fire Departments to farming (crop) monitoring, drones have become an essential part of boosting safety and productivity. [...]
Drone delivery service

How drones can impact the future of delivery services

Drones have become increasingly popular over recent years, with many people and organizations adopting the technology. From delivering pizza to aiding search and rescue missions, drones have huge potential. Drone-based delivery services are one of the most well-known uses for the technology. In recent years, we’ve seen Amazon leverage drones to make direct to your [...]
Use of drone technology for thermal inspections

Use of Drone technology for thermal inspections

Annual wind-turbine blade and tower inspections by drone increase the safety, efficiency, and accuracy of inspection service. Thermal testing refers to a non-destructive inspection process that uses specialized cameras that can detect infrared radiation. The process measures minute temperature differences that are typically invisible to the human eye and can provide an extremely detailed image. [...]
aerial photography

Importance of aerial photography services for digital india

Aerial photography is the art of taking photographs from an aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles or any other flying object. Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles are admirable and India is now growing itself as “Digital India”, and a considerable number of multinational companies wants to be a whale of this business ocean. Drones can serve Real [...]