Drones are now part of the most creative industries, and many experts have been this technology to create mind-bending creative visuals for films across the world. Using drone cinematography services for commercials to market brands and products is becoming very popular. Drones are now equipped with image stabilization equipment that carries professional cameras to film. This has propelled the art of photography and videography to fantastic new heights and the possibilities for photographers, videographers and casual hobbyists are endless.

DroniTech is a leader in drone services like aerial filming in India. We shot commercials for leading automobile brands around the world. Aerial views help highlight sharp and pleasing product features and driving abilities of the car. Safety is always important along with efficient and professional flight planning by pilots who have been in the game for over 10 years. Overall, drones are a terrific and inexpensive way of filming any outdoor brand and location with all rates.

We shot aerials for Mercedes AMG GTR film alongside the master crew at QED Film in Mumbai.