Pune Center

Welcome to India’s best unmanned aerial system training academy Indian Academy of Drones. We are pleased to announce our arrival in Pune. Our mission is to provide the highest quality training on unmanned aerial systems with a combination of classroom and multiple hands-on drone flying training sessions. This increases your value, positioning in the market place and allows you to tackle industry projects.


  • 300+ Drone pilots in our Network
  • Train with expert flight instructors
  • Certified by Indian Academy of Drones
  • Placement assistance

July/August Batches

Advance Professional Course9th August to 13th August18500+ GST16650+GST (Before 6th August)11:30 AM To 6:30 PM
19th August to 23rd August18500+ GST16650+GST (Before 16th August)11:30 AM To 6:30 PM
Aerial Cinematography Course22nd July to 23rd July8999+ GST7999+GST (Before 19th July)11:30 AM To 6:30 PM
27th August to 28th August8999+ GST7999+GST (Before 24th August)11:30 AM To 6:30 PM

Ongoing Courses

Aerial Cinematography Course

  • Get framework for creating stunning aerial cinematography
  • Whether you are new to this world or a seasoned pilot, build your skills as a pilot and a filmmaker
  • Get trained by experienced aerial cinematographers

Full Payment
(8,999 + 18% GST)

Advance Payment
(4,000 + 18% GST)

Advance Professional Course

  • ATC procedures, payloads features, flight simulator training
  • Combination of classroom training and hands on flight sessions with expert flight instructors
  • Practical flying with instructor/solo flying

Full Payment
(18,500 + 18% GST)

Advance Payment
(4,000 + 18% GST)

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