Masterclass in Drone Technology

Masterclass in Drone Technology – Comprehensive Guide

Learn everything you need to know to get started from leading drone experts: DGCA rules and regulations for flying commercial drones, What to consider before you purchase a new drone. Understand the different types of airspace and learn how to safely and legally fly near airports. Drone safety guidelines and flight checklist, maintenance, Industry trends, jobs and market projections.

Lesson 1: Introduction

Where is the drone industry headed and how does it relate to you?

Lesson 2: DGCA rules and regulations

Why is the FAA in charge of drones regulations

Lesson 3: Equipment Considerations

What are the biggest considerations when purchasing a new drone?

Lesson 4: Types of Drones

Which drone is the best fit for you?

Lesson 5: Registering Your Drone

Who has to register with the DGCA and how do you do it?

Lesson 6: DGCA Rules and Regulations

Which DGCA rules and regulations relate where and when you can fly legally?

Lesson 7: Keys to Safe Flight

How do you actually fly a drone? Why are people crashing so often?

Lesson 8: Next Steps

What are your next steps at getting launched into the drone industry?