December 2018 Newsletter

Newsletter December 2018

December 2018 Newsletter:

The current issue of our newsletter is finally published online. Firstly, check the latest information about who are we and what are we doing. Secondly, check the latest projects completed by the team. Also get informed about the latest drone news and other updates regarding drone training, drone pilot reviews. Finally, check the upcoming batches that our drone training vertical Indian Academy of Drones is organizing.

Welcome to the first edition of DroniTech & Indian Academy of Drones – December 2018 Newsletter.
1. To begin with, the latest updates, we are delivering a mix of drone-related news articles.
2. Likewise, some industrial expert’s views about drone training sessions.
3. Finally, upcoming drone training batches and overview of drone projects done by us in different industries.

Innovative projects completed by DRONITECH TEAM:

1. Level Crossing Survey for Indian Railways.
2. Power Line Inspection/Survey and Still/Video Documentation.


I. Drones To Transport Organs, Supplies Between Hospitals In India:

  1. The Drone ports in hospitals can allow quick transportation of harvested organs to recipients.
  2. The Drone Regulations 1.0 have been formulated as an all-digital process, with a Digital Sky platform in order to put in place a system that is totally online.
  3. This Digital Sky platform will be the first national unmanned traffic management platform that implements ‘no permission, no takeoff’ for remotely piloted aircraft.
  4. Under the new policy for remotely piloted aircraft, India could be using the drones for transporting organs and other emergency medical supplies between hospitals.
  5. The government is examining the possibility of creating “drone ports” in hospitals to permit this kind of transportation.

II. Construction Sector May Need 2.5lakh Drone Operators Soon:

  1. To begin with, the ECI-PwC report has said that highways, roads, bridges, and housing will take the lead in the usage of drones.
  2. Drones can bring in efficiency and eliminate redundancies as the report said.
  3. The adoption of drones is surging at 239 percent in this sector.
  4. Builders can deploy drones on job sites around the world to enhance safety.
  5. It enables precise planning, generates 3D maps, it also documents and understands the progress at sites and identifies potential issues before they begin costing dearly.
  6. Drones can be deployed to conduct safer, faster, and accurate inspections.
  7. They can be used on a construction project, where new hazards are a recurrent feature.


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