Aerial Photography and Videography Course

Aerial Photography and Videography Course

This online video based course answers the most common questions about drones.

  • How drones are transforming industries with aerial cinematography and learn DGCA rules and regulations.
  • You will also learn in detail about DJI app interface and its settings.
  • This course will take you through camera functions, important components of camera and various techniques used in aerial photography and videography.
  • We will go through different kinds of compositions and perspectives.
  • Functions and details of intelligent flight modes are explained.
  • Case studies with actual event photography.

Questions? Our experts have answers.

If you have any questions about Aerial Photography and Videography, please ask us. Our reps are standing by to help.

This Online Course Includes


DGCA Drone Law


Camera Settings


DJI go app


Safety Guidelines




Intelligent Flight Modes

Our elite team of UAV experts developed Aerial Photography and Videography Course to equip you with the most up-to-date, essential drone knowledge.

  • Detailed insights about drone softwares and its application in aerial cinematography.
  • Learn Drone Training With India’s Best Drone Academy available in 6 cities.
  • Watch at your own pace with comfort of your home.

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    • Lecture 1 0/1

      • IAD Introduction
      • Trainer Introudction
      • Course Preview
    • Lecture 2 0/1

      • DGCA Rules and Safety Guidelines
      • Introduction to Aerial Cinematography
      • How Drones are Transforming this Industry
      • How to Select Best Drones for your work
    • Lecture 3 0/1

      • Introduction to DJI Go App Interface
      • Icons Function- DJI App
      • Craft Setting
      • Sensor Setting & Calibration
      • Geofencing
    • Lecture 4 0/1

      • Camera Settings
      • Frame Composition
    • Lecture 5 0/1

      • Camera Exposure
      • Use of White Balance & Histogram
    • Lecture 6 0/1

      • How to use Intelligent Flight Modes explained
      • Point of Interest
      • Follow me
      • Waypoints
      • Active Track
    • Lecture 7 0/1

      • When & How to use Aerial Cinematic Shot
      • Tilt Up and Reveal Shot + Rocket Shot
      • Bird's Eye View + Tracking Shot
      • The Overtake + Unveiling Shot
      • Helix and Point of Interest
      • Planning and Execution
    • Lecture 8 0/1

      • Case Study - Event Drone shoot
    • Examination 0/1

    Alex Fernandes
    Alex is a drone expert and specializes in Drone Training, he has also performed major service projects for land mapping and inspection which requires thorough knowledge of data processing in various Drone softwares. Alex has 200+ hours of Flying and has trained 100+ Students for Advance Course, Land Mapping and Aerial Cinematography to his credit.


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