The Complete Drone Business Course

the complete drone business course program

The Complete Drone Business Course

This online video based course answers the most common questions about drones.

  • How drone industry is growing each sector wise.
  • DGCA rules and regulation with Do’s and Don’ts of flying.
  • Legal aspects of starting a drone business.
  • Opportunities in Drone services in various sectors each explained with use cases.
  • How to find your customers and sell your services.
  • Aspects of drone manufacturing and selling your drones.

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This Online Course Includes


DGCA Drone Law

Digital Sky

Digital Sky Overview

Drone Image 1

Drones for Business & Career


Safety Guidelines


Buying Advice


Industry Trends & Forecasts

Our elite team of UAV experts developed Complete Drone Business Course to equip you with the most up-to-date, essential drone knowledge.

  • Detailed insights about drone business and it’s application in different sectors.
  • Learn Drone Training With India’s Best Drone Academy available in 6 cities.
  • Watch at your own pace with comfort of your home.
  • Learn about drone manufacturing and how to sell your drones and services.

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  • Lecture 1 0/2

    • Overall Agenda of this course
    • Introduction to Drones
  • Lecture 2 0/1

    • DGCA Rules & Regulations
    • Do's & Dont's of flying
    • Current Updated Flying Zones
    • Digital Sky website walkthrough
    • NPNT (No permission no take-off)
  • Lecture 3 0/2

    • Why get into Drone Business ?
    • Breakup of Drone business into its sub sectors : manufacturing, services, training etc
    • Steps to Start Drone business
    • How to find customers?
    • Legal steps specific to drone business
    • Use cases as per Business demand
    • 4 top business use cases
    • Next steps for your business ideas
  • Lecture 4 0/1

    • Opportunities in Drone Manufacturing
    • What is required to start drone manufacturing?
    • How to sell your drones?
    • Top players in India and Global
  • Lecture 5 0/1

    • Opportunities in Drone Software
    • Top players of India and global market
  • Lecture 6 0/6

    • Opportunities in Drone Services
    • Different sectors where drones are used with case studies - Agriculture - Construction ( Case Study of Railways) - Power ( Case study of Adani) - Security & Surveillance - Military - Disaster Management - Drone Delivery - Drone Taxi
    • Case study 1 - Tower Inspections
    • Case study 2 - Railways
  • Examination 0/1

Rohit Shirke
A big thinker, with big ambitions, Rohit is a drone specialist working hard to build bridges and advance innovative solutions in the UAV industry. He has 10+ years of Business Development experience in Corporate domain in India and Globe.


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