Across India, drone technology is making a huge impact in the Power and Utility sector. The task of maintaining and inspecting high voltage transmission and distribution lines can be difficult, dangerous, and costly. As a result, utilities are increasingly looking toward drones as a safe and effective tool to assist them in their maintenance operations.

DroniTech is using drones to inspect and maintain power lines. Drones drastically cut the costs of power line inspections for utilities. They also improve safety, increase reliability and reduce response time across transmission and distribution systems. Accessing remote areas of high voltage power lines, either when conducting routine inspections or surveying damage after storms, presents difficult and dangerous obstacles. With drones, these difficulties could all but be eliminated. Monitoring transmission lines with drones present a welcome solution for utilities to improve safety and minimize hazardous work.

Our drones can capture more than just an image. By collecting data that provide operational information and construction details, drones also have the ability to assist engineers in the process of designing the electrical infrastructure. The data are generated as 3D information which is then able to be utilized by many design applications. Drones can also gather other useful data through infrared sensors, ultraviolet cameras, and radiofrequency sensors.

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How will this benefit other companies?

  • Drones are poised to boost output and cut operating expenses for the industry.
  • Drones are saving time and money on the construction site
  • Operational risk is reduced
  • Drones don’t require an onboard pilot, so they can travel to places that are unsafe for humans