How delivery drone ‘SAHAS’ envisions disruptions in last mile delivery

Delivery Drone SAHAS

How delivery drone SAHAS envisions disruptions in last-mile delivery

The market size for drones varies greatly, depending on market segments. Goldman Sachs estimates a $100 billion market opportunity for drones by 2020. Growth within the transport and delivery space is expected to be $13 billion. Therefore, the market for UAV is expected to grow from $49 billion by 2023.

Today’s industrial and supply chain management organizations are in the midst of a challenging yet exciting economic environment. Also, they are wrestling with a new and expanded market and competitive forces present in the U.S., for the first time in years. Because of these mostly robust economic conditions, many companies are seeking new ways to be more efficient in the way they operate, how they serve customers, and sometimes their customers. So, many progressive firms are looking at alternate methods to deliver select goods to partners and customers.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (aka drones) as a delivery system has brought urgency to many companies. In 2013, E-commerce giant Amazon invested heavily in advanced technologies associated with artificial intelligence and drones. Amazon designed drones to get packages to the customer end in less than 30 minutes using UAV technology. The company plans to expand the service to dozens of customers in the near future. In India, the food ordering firm Zomato plans to create a path toward drone-based food delivery in India. It has acquired a drone start-up for creating a hub to hub delivery network powered by hybrid multi-rotor drones.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are emerging as a new medical tool that can help mitigate logistical problems and make health-care distribution more accessible. Experts are considering various possible applications for drones, from carrying disaster relief aid to transporting transplant organs and blood samples. Drones have the capacity to carry modest payloads and can transport them quickly to their destination.

Drone ‘SAHAS’ by Dronitech

Dronitech, a drone manufacturing, services & flying training company based in India, recently launched the delivery drone SAHAS to deliver emergency supplies to disaster-affected areas. SAHAS drone has great potential in making the transport of vaccines or medical aids faster with the payload capacity of 2 KGs. They are able to help in circumstances when the time is crucial; for example, in situations requiring urgent responses, during disasters or medical emergencies. Its resilient design and structure keep your payload secured for drop-off and improves the efficiency of logistics. This drone is completely autonomous and easy to operate.

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