The Rise of Drones in the Oil & Gas Industry

The Rise of Drones in the Oil & Gas Industry

Drones in the Oil & Gas Industry

As drone technology continues to advance, more and more industries, including oil and gas are increasingly using them for a wide variety of applications. These unmanned aerial vehicles/drones are helping the industry to save costs and time. It also improves efficiency and safety to optimized production. Drones have several benefits that enable oil and gas companies to reduce costs, improve efficiency and competitiveness. Generally, the devices are used in all phases of oil and gas activities. Such devices have also the potential to support production and distribution.

Drones are used for collecting data sets which can be used to optimize the whole inspection and maintenance process by helping to predict failures. In order to conduct human-led inspections, shutdowns are necessary to minimize risks. Also, it is necessary to prevent physical harm from coming to inspectors but while using drones oil platforms don’t have to shut down for inspections. This is a huge cost benefit as shutdowns cost oil companies millions of dollars in lost revenue a day.

Drones Implementation and solution for the industry Issues

Drones can collect data through the use of thermal cameras and various sensors. These have also been used to keep equipment and petroleum products from overheating. They are being used to create 3D maps of work zones to plan and select the right spots for erecting facilities. Drones are effectively eliminating delays for human performed inspections as well as time spent attending to preventable accidents. This helps oil and gas industry workers stay on top of things and keep productivity going at a consistent rate. Further, many oil and gas leaders can view a comprehensive picture of the field from the safety and comfort of an office to plan and make decisions.

Dronitech is a national leader in drone services, inspections, training, which has developed an end-to-end solution. This further provides clients with quality data while avoiding safety risks and operational downtime. Dronitech’s automated platform provides high-quality aerial data for all inspection and maintenance requirements. It also provides it in a safer and more efficient manner, without causing any operational downtime.