The use and impact of unmanned aerial automated drone inspections are making big waves in the asset management sector. Industries can perform inspections from a safe distance without using expensive ladders or scaffolding gear while securing life. This is finally a priceless win.

Large areas can be covered in 1/8th the time as earlier which include complicated inspections. In cases that require maintenance or repair, the technician can now provide a solution with a fair idea of what action needs to be taken. Due to the large potential for complications and even loss of life, bridge infrastructure must be fully inspected on a regular basis for early detection. The ability to use drones will allow the industry to effectively monitor infrastructure and facilities while minimizing the risk to personnel. Traditionally for a full inspection, the bridge in question would have to be partially or fully closed down. This would be impacting the businesses and products in the area for hours which further leads to business opportunity loss.

Dronitech is a national leader in providing drone services & training across different cities. Dronitech has begun using drones to carry out bridge inspections & asset monitoring to view the images live from the comfort of your board room. This helps early detection of problem areas which may cause delays in monitoring critical areas of assets and their management with ease. Drone inspection solutions are comparatively faster than traditional inspection methods. Inspection crews on the ground avoid hazardous heights and significantly improves safety. High-definition images and videos allow for real-time identification of potential problems. It also provides an auditable maintenance archive of valuable data.

Dronitech is leading the way by helping enterprise customers solve problems. It also helps the customers to operate it safer and more efficiently. Also, it helps to extract real value out of their drone-derived data.