March 2019 Newsletter

March 2019 Newsletter

March 2019 Newsletter:

The current issue of our newsletter is finally published online. Firstly, check the latest information about who are we and what are we doing. Secondly, check the latest projects completed by the team. Also get informed about the latest drone news and other updates regarding drone training, drone pilot reviews. Finally, check the upcoming batches that our drone training vertical Indian Academy of Drones is organizing.

Welcome to the fourth edition of DroniTech & Indian Academy of Drones – March 2019 Newsletter.
1. To begin with, the latest updates, we are delivering a mix of drone-related news articles.
2. Likewise, some industrial expert’s views about drone training sessions.
3. Finally, upcoming drone training batches and overview of drone projects done by us in different industries.

Innovative projects completed by DRONITECH TEAM:

1. UAVs making farming more efficient.
2. Delivery drone ‘SAHAS’ envisions disruptions in last-mile delivery.


I. Game Of Drone: Doon’s first-ever drone festival in India:

  • To begin with, a drone fest was organized in one of the northern states of India-Uttarakhand.
  • In a first of its kind, hosted at Dehradun by Drone Application and Research Centre and the Information Technology Development Agency (ITDA).
  • It saw 100 young participating, who witnessed multiple drones of varying capabilities and characteristics.
  • From some cool drones flying at 130 kph to those with 2kg load-bearing capacity and some others synthesized from e-waste.
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II. A 250-year-old government department is digitizing Indian maps using drones:

  • The Survey of India is among the oldest institutions in the country.
  • Set up during the British colonial rule in 1767, and today under India’s ministry of science and technology, the agency has been in charge of mapping the country’s vast and diverse regions for centuries.
  • However, over the years, its maps haven’t aged all that gracefully.
  • After lagging in digitization, it finally launched an online map portal in 2017.
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