Droniview – All in one solution to streamline your drone operations


Dronitech, the national leader in drone inspection services & training has launched the Droniview – Drone Management Software. Droniview is a secure, web-based drone management tool providing solutions to ease drone operations for your organization. It is a venture by Dronitech which is a leading entity in the drone technology world based out in Mumbai, India.

Droniview is an all-in-one platform that can scale your drone program into a transformative source of aerial intelligence. Combining a secure flight application with a cloud-based management portal enables your team to fly safely. Also, it helps you to plan N number of flights while managing your team of pilots, drones, and deliveries all in real-time.

Some of Droniview’s features include pilot tracking, team management, connectivity, flight logs, incident report & battery life cycles. Our features give our users an easy way to store, process, and analyze the huge amounts of data captured in each flight. Flight logs allow you to see how many drone flights occur during a given period of time. This gives the user key insights into the various aspects required for managing drone flights.

You can also see the geographic distribution of drone flights at-a-glance and easily access key details for each flight. We have assigned different roles with different permission levels for each role. We have also added the feature of the battery life cycle. This feature helps the team members to check their charge status, charge/discharge cycle to predict placements and battery compatibility with a cache of equipment.

Your pilots get informative airspace, weather, and flight data tracking tool for the field. Also, your business gets the visibility and risk mitigation needed to keep your drone flight operations on track.

For more information visit: www.droniview.com.