How Drones Are Revolutionizing GIS


A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer data system capable of capturing, storing, analyzing, and displaying geographically referenced information. It is a system that allows you to view multiple layers of data simultaneously. GIS is a powerful tool for visualization, spatial analysis, and mapping. GIS programs show multiple types of data at once on the same map. This allows scientists, historians, and others to see patterns that might have otherwise gone unnoticed by them. Drones are now being used for revolutionizing GIS mapping to achieve new goals.

Drones are using for GIS mapping provide different benefits.

1. Save time – Drones equipped with cameras that can transmit various types of GIS data lower costs on multiple levels. GIS mapping drones are easy to program and operate, thus allowing you to save even more time on the project site.

2.Environment-friendly – Usually GIS mapping involves drilling, material sampling, plumbing etc. which doesn’t sit well with residents. When a company uses drones to map an area, it is built to observe, record and interpret.

3. Less long-term expenses – because when you use the drone for GIS mapping more, the less you’ll need to rely on third-party sources that deplete the ozone layer, use fossil fuels, and possibly cause irreparable harm to the area.

4. Drones are expensive but their output is more cost-effective compared to using a helicopter or plane.

5. Drone Camera – sensor size, picture quality, the image capturing speed is some of the most important features of any drone. The drone is a tool to get high-quality data from the air to process on different drone surveying software which revolutionizes the GIS technology. If the quality of data is not good enough to use in analysis software doesn’t matter how good fly the drone.

6. Flight Time – longer flight time, larger the surveying area size in a single flight. If you are working on large projects, you are able to allocate quality time on several portions and capture the maximum data for each area.

UAS can be deployed quickly, easily, and often, collecting imagery that can be imported into a geographic information system (GIS) databases, stitched together, and used to generate ortho-mosaic maps and 3D reconstructions.

Dronitech is a national leader in providing drone mapping, surveying, industrial inspections services & training across India. Dronitech’s custom drones capture detailed imagery/data in order to identify, classify and localize each anomaly, and understand the impact of its performance on the system. The cost of an inspection is minimal in comparison to the cost of a roof replacement. 

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