May 2019 Newsletter

Dronitech and IAD Newsletter -May 15

May 2019 Newsletter:

To begin with, the current issue of our newsletter is finally published online. Firstly check the latest information about who we are and what we are doing with our latest projects completed by our team.
Finally check the upcoming batches that our drone training vertical Indian Academy of Drones is organizing.

Welcome to the volume fifth of DroniTech & Indian Academy of Drones – May 2019 Newsletter.
1. To begin with, the latest updates, we are delivering a mix of drone-related news articles.
2. Likewise, opening of our additional drone training academies in Ahmedabad, Thiruvananthapuram, Pune & Navi Mumbai
3. Finally, upcoming drone training batches and overview of drone projects done by us in different industries.

Innovative projects completed by DRONITECH TEAM:

1. How DRONIFLEET doing drone delivery possible everywhere for everyone?
2. Secondly Droniview has all in one solution to streamline your drone operation.
3. Drone Training center now opened at Sector 30A, Vashi and, at Mahalunge, Baner-Pune.


North Coria uses A Drone To Transport Kidney for a transplant From Baltimore:

  1. To begin with, a Drone has delivered the Kidney for transplant of 44 year old woman from Baltimore in North Carolina.
  2. The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was used to successfully deliver Kidney, especially at a time when world is exploring the use of drones.
  3. While organs are currently transplanted by commercial aircraft or charter flights.
  4. Drone could open the door for faster and more efficient deliveries.
  5. Experts suggest that due to use of drones in healthcare has proved that drones are a game-changer.
  6. Notably in areas that are difficult to accessed geographically.

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