Drones are changing the future of Search & Rescue operations

Drones for Search & Rescue operations

Drones are becoming the most widely used tool for many industrial sectors. To support public safety and first responder community, drones are used on a large scale. Also, drones offer low-cost, easy to operate, and analytically sophisticated remote sensing solutions in search-and-rescue operations. Drones have become an essential part of boosting safety and productivity for the Police, Fire Departments and farming (crop) monitoring. Search and Rescue is among one of those industries affected by the use of drones. So, this aircraft are used by police officers, firefighters or volunteer rescue teams for emergency services. Also these technology is ideal for searching over vast areas for missing persons and crime victims in need of rescue and in any environment. Therefore, the search times can be significantly reduced while limiting potential risk to the party being rescued as well as rescuers.

Many options and benefits to using drones for search and rescue are:

Thermal Imaging.

– Live viewing & Broadcast capability.

– Zoom cameras etc.

Below given are some of the applications search and rescue teams can achieve with Microdrones UAS:

  • Terrorism search and rescue.
  • Emergency communication network aid.
  • Monitoring of catastrophes: nuclear accidents, structural fires, ship collisions, plane and train crashes, motor vehicle accidents etc.
  • Monitoring of natural disasters: landslides, tsunamis, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, flooding, storms, hurricanes, avalanches, tornadoes etc.
  • Searches for missing persons.
  • Post-disaster-relief operations.

Search and rescue operations with the drones have many advantages. A drone can fly at speeds exceeding 60 mph and be deployed mere seconds after arriving on the scene. Also, they can use thermal cameras to locate missing persons even amongst the dense brush. Drones record every second of video allowing for quick review and comparison of search areas. Most of all, drones can operate under conditions and altitudes unfit for traditional aircraft.

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