How drones can impact the future of delivery services

Drone delivery service

Drones have become increasingly popular over recent years, with many people and organizations adopting the technology. From delivering pizza to aiding search and rescue missions, drones have huge potential. Also, Drone-based delivery services are one of the most well-known uses for the technology. In recent years, we’ve seen Amazon leverage drones to make direct to your door deliveries. So, this is a great opportunity for businesses to leverage to provide their service to areas that are more rural and traveling to difficult.

The growing interest in drones has shown a flourishing footprint within the tech industry. Thus, this means that every year sales are looking to continue increasing exponentially. With some new features including 4K cameras, built-in GPS systems, drones are shifting their primary purpose of niche fun to being developed for farming, industrial inspection, and delivery purposes.

Impact of Drones on Delivery Service Methods

  1. Shift in focus to order fulfillment: A faster delivery system will increase the pressure on fulfillment warehouses. This will reduce the time it takes to pick and ship orders.
  2. Increased use of real-time data: Consumers may change their minds about products or delivery times and places. Consumers would receive their packages far more quickly and reliably. This would build consumer trust and would encourage repeat purchasing.
  3. Appreciation of in-store experiences: As this new technology would intrigue a wide-variety of customers, this can prove to be a difficult thing for most physical stores. Physical retail stores would have to come up with unique in-store experiences to attract shoppers.

The idea of using drones to carry out deliveries is a far-stretched concept only a few years ago. But, as technology continues to be innovative and improve at a drastic rate, we could expect the idea of drones dropping off our parcels to our doorsteps sooner rather than later. 

A large number of established players in the logistics industry are Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart just to name a few. These companies and most  of the delivery services have also begun testing different ways the drones can deliver products. Zipline is the San Francisco-based UAV manufacturer and logistics services provider which delivers medical supplies. They also deliver  the essentials including blood, rabies vaccines, and antivenom, to thousands of hard-to-reach health clinics in Rwanda and Ghana.

Dronitech is an India-based UAV manufacturer & service provider which uses its drones to delivers food and blood samples as per the requirement.

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