August 2019 Newsletter

Dronitech and IAD Newsletter - August 2019

August 2019 Newsletter:

To begin with, the current issue of our newsletter is finally published online. Firstly check the latest information about who we are and what we are doing with our latest projects completed by our team.
Also get informed about the latest drone news and other updates regarding drone training, drone pilot reviews.
Finally check the upcoming batches that our drone training vertical Indian Academy of Drones is organizing.

Welcome to the eighth edition of DroniTech & Indian Academy of Drones – August 2019 Newsletter.
We’re pleased to announce the following
1. The launch of our new website – Droniwork.
2. Industrial mapping certificate program.
3. With these latest updates, we are delivering a mix of drone-related news articles.
4. Some industrial expert’s views about drone training sessions.
5. Upcoming drone training batches and overview of drone projects done by us in different industries.

Latest News for August 2019:

  • To begin with, now get certified in the INDUSTRIAL MAPPING PROGRAM.
  • Likewise, now learn how drones will be transforming the land surveying industry

Knowledge of the Month:

How drones can be used for aerial seeding?

To begin with, Overall deforestation, drought, and a steep fall in the groundwater table affect the environment severely and has an impact on human beings.
With this in mind, the problems & the situation are alarming if we fail to awaken.
Under these circumstances, there is a need for forest densification.
With this in mind, drones can be used for forest densification.
Overall, drones used to drop seed balls on Malledevaramatti hillock of Birur taluka in Hoovinahalli.
Finally, Drones used to drop seed balls of Arali, Neem, Sandalwood, Honge, Hebbevu.
Covering an area of 2.5-km in the hilly region.

In short, this seems to be very exciting news.

News Articles for the Month:

Innovative projects completed by DRONITECH TEAM:
1. How overall future of search and rescue operations has been changed by using drones?
2. How  DRONITECH TEAM found several ways to improve the accuracy of drone maps?

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