Evaluating the use of drones for Bridge Inspection

drones for bridge inspection

Evaluating the use of drones for Bridge Inspection:

Implementation of robotics has revolutionized the inspection of various infrastructure assessments such as bridges, towers, etc. There are various kinds of robotics systems utilized in bridge inspection but the drone is one of the unique systems which performs many life-risking jobs in a fraction of the time taken by the traditional non-robotics methods.

Drones are primarily used to collect aerial views of for example a bridge to detect any kind of minor or major deterioration like cracks, corrosion that are not easy to see from a distance.

Here are some of the benefits of bridge inspection using UAVs

– Takes less time as compared to traditional methods to perform complete inspection task

– Reduces life risks thus assures safety to the public and the inspection crew

– Obtains more accurate data based on provided safety standards and requirements

– Data can be analyzed in real-time and stored for later use

Using the data gathered with drones, in combination with corrosion assessment from tools like iCOR, contractors and inspectors can get an all-around, in-depth look at the state of bridges and concrete infrastructure. It also keeps workers out of harm’s way, amounts to considerable cost savings, and most importantly, it’s helping our state engineers, and contractors do a critical job: repairing and replacing aging infrastructure across the country.

Drone inspections are a great way for monitoring purposes to predict the structural and functional performance of a complex bridge.

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