Industrial Drone Training Course

Industrial Drone Training Course

Industrial Drone Application Course

Indian Academy of Drones is pleased to announce the Land Mapping and Structural Inspection program! This course helps to make efficient and accurate planning, execution and maintenance of assets in sectors like infrastructure development, mining, urban development/planning, etc. Land surveyors’ always work outdoors irrespective of weather and additional dangers of tough or unexpected terrain. Having a drone mapping solution allows autonomous flights to eliminate several risks associated with land surveying such as heavy equipment and hazardous injuries. The course offers a combination of classroom training and hands-on flight sessions with the guidance of professional industry experts. Each session has been thoughtfully planned with subject matter experts who will share their knowledge and experience with you.

How will this course benefit you?

  • Drones are used to do quick, easy and feasible inspections and aerial documentation of any property
  • Drones being used extensively for Industrial inspections as they are safer, faster and for less cost than traditional methods
  • Drones eliminated the need for expensive manned aerial imaging and accurate data to reduce optimize operations and help projects stay on track within less time
  • Gain the necessary industry knowledge from our expert team and get ready to start your own projects

Theory Classes

  • Basic flight modes overview
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Various industrial applications
  • Learn autonomous flying
  • Learn DGPS
  • Learn how to do close quarter flying for inspection
  • Do’s and Don’t for inspection

Practical Training

  • Create a live map using Drone Deploy
  • Generate Orthomosaic, Digital Surface Model, Digital Terrain Model, 3D Model
  • Live case studies
  • Live inspection of a structure using THERMAL CAMERA
  • Report Generation
  • Live case studies

Industrial Drone Application Course

LocationFull PaymentAdvance payment
Mumbai Batches49,500+ GST
8,000 + GST


Chirag Patel
With over 8 years of cinematography experience in ads & films, Chirag is an industry-crafted cinematographer & photographer well versed in Aerial platforms like DJI & Inspire. He is super passionate about drone flying. Having flown hundreds of hours across geographies, Chirags flying skills are that of a legend. He aims to train safe drone pilots by introducing standard operation procedures.


₹ 49,500.00