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Transforming Asset Management with Drone Technology

The use and impact of unmanned aerial automated drone inspections is making big waves in the asset management sector. Industries can perform inspections from a safe distance without using expensive ladders or scaffolding gear while securing life - is a priceless win. Large areas can be covered in 1/8th the time as earlier which include complicated inspections. In cases that require maintenance or repair, the technician can now provide a solution with a fair idea of what action needs to be taken. Due to the large potential for complications and even loss of life, bridge infrastructure must be fully inspected [...]

Transforming Asset Management with Drone Technology2019-02-15T12:43:28+05:30

Mr. Mehernosh Dittia

Mr. Mehernosh Dittia Director of lighthouse training (Hyderabad) Mehernosh Bazun Dittia is the founder and Director of Lighthouse Training which is an HR and Training consulting firm set up in the year 2014. He is a behavioral trainer and a motivational speaker by passion and profession. Lighthouse training is now a part of the Indian Academy of Drones as our Telangana Franchise which imparts training in various applications of drones as well as train people to become UAV pilots. He has completed multiple assignments pertaining to aerial cinematography and industrial projects in the fields of surveillance, infrastructure maintenance, [...]

Mr. Mehernosh Dittia2019-02-12T19:27:42+05:30

Drones are Revolutionizing the Future of Agriculture & Farming

Aided by recent evolutions in drone technology, one area that is seeing unprecedented growth is Agriculture. The days of walking through fields to inspect crop yields are now almost over. Now drones can assist farmers in a range of tasks from analysis and planning, to the actual planting of crops, and the subsequent monitoring of fields to ascertain health and growth. With the access to a live feed of what the drone camera is seeing, a single operator is able to cover more ground in lesser time. By using precise drone technology, farmers are able to optimize both farm productivity and [...]

Drones are Revolutionizing the Future of Agriculture & Farming2019-02-15T12:15:45+05:30

How drones are transforming the Insurance Industry

Insurance is among the industries already deploying and expanding the potential of commercial drones, eyeing two strategic objectives: better risk management through improved data collection and other one is reduced operational costs through improved efficiency and effectiveness related to claims. Commercial drones are estimated to help save the insurance through: Improved transaction processing - Companies can potentially move from hands-on, time-intensive property inspections to a much faster process that allows their workforce to keep both feet firmly planted on the ground; reduce claims settlement time from days to hours, and help adjusters and underwriters obtain information faster than traditional methods. [...]

How drones are transforming the Insurance Industry2019-01-29T10:50:08+05:30
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