Advance Professional Course

Advance Professional Course

Advance Professional Course

Our 5 day Advance comprehensive Drone Training course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to become an expert drone pilot with excellent decision-making abilities. Enterprise-level standard operating procedures. Become a true leader in the field and learn to set protocol when executing the project. This Drone course offers a combination of classroom training and hands-on flight sessions with one of our expert flight instructors. Limited class sizes guarantee that you will get adequate flight time and leave feeling confident in your abilities to fly!

Theory Classes for Advance Professional Course includes:

  • Basic Principles of Drone Flying.
  • ATC Procedures & Radio Telephony.
  • Fixed wing Operations/Aerodynamics.
  • Multi rotor Operations/Aerodynamics.
  • Weather & Meteorology.
  • Drone equipment and maintenance.
  • Emergency Identification & handling.
  • Payload installation & utilization.
  • Image/Video interpretation.
  • Final Test Theory.

Practical Training for Advance Professional Course includes:

  • Drone Flight Simulator training.
  • Practical lessons in Lab.
  • Practical flying lessons.

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Advance Professional Course

LocationFull PaymentAdvance payment
Mumbai Batches18500+ GST
4,000 + GST
Dehradun Batches18500+GST
4,000 + GST

    • DAY 1 0/7

    • DAY 2 0/6

    • DAY 3 0/2

    • DAY 4 0/1

    • DAY 5 0/1

    Anisha Bhosle
    A big thinker, with big ambitions, Anisha is a drone specialist working hard to build bridges and advance innovative solutions in the UAV industry. She has over 10 years of experience in the electronics & telecommunication. She has developed a proprietary workflow to drone training and engineering while working on other ways to expand the possibilities of both fields.


    ₹ 18,500.00