Complete guide to land mapping using drones

complete guide to land mapping using drones

Complete guide to land mapping using drones

This online video based course answers the most common questions about drones.

  • High-quality maps can be produced quickly and in a cost-effective method..
  • Drones provide accurate data – projects stay on track.
  • Learn from industry experts who have executed multiple projects for Indian Railways.
  • Learn to use industry-standard software like DroneDeploy and Pix4D.
  • You will be certified and can start working on your own after course completion.

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This Online Course Includes


DGCA Drone Law


DJI go app




Safety Guidelines

Drone Mapping

Drone Mapping


Industry Trends & Forecasts

Our elite team of UAV experts developed Complete guide to land mapping using drones Course to equip you with the most up-to-date, essential drone knowledge.

  • Detailed insights about drone business and it’s application in different sectors.
  • Learn Drone Training With India’s Best Drone Academy available in 6 cities.
  • Watch at your own pace with comfort of your home.
  • Learn about drone manufacturing and how to sell your drones and services.

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  • Lecture 1 0/1

    • IAD Introduction
    • Company Introduction and Experience
  • Lecture 2 0/1

    • Course Preview
    • DGCA Rules and Safety Guidelines
    • Introduction to Land Mapping
    • How Drones are Transforming this Industry
    • How to Select Best Drones for your work
  • Lecture 3 0/1

    • Land Mapping Workflow
    • Practical example
    • Sample project explanation
  • Lecture 4 0/1

    • Equipments required for Land Mapping
    • Land Mapping Software Introduction - Drone Deploy , Pix4D , Agisoft Metashape , Correlator 3D , Propeller
    • GCP Concept
    • Creating KML File [google earth pro]
    • Marking GCP in KML File
  • Lecture 5 0/1

    • Drone Deploy Software
    • Flight Planning in Drone Deploy
    • Executing Flight Plan on Site - Pre Flight Check List , On site Safety Checks , On Site Flight Planning corrections if required , Capturing Data (Images)
  • Lecture 6 0/1

    • Processing in Pix4D Software - Creating Project , Uploading Images , Importing and Tagging GCP , Processing Options , Generating Different Outputs
  • Examination 0/1

Anisha Bhosle
A big thinker, with big ambitions, Anisha is a drone specialist working hard to build bridges and advance innovative solutions in the UAV industry. She has over 10 years of experience in the electronics & telecommunication. She has developed a proprietary workflow to drone training and engineering while working on other ways to expand the possibilities of both fields.


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